The product called "eGate" is the complete solution for Visitor Management, Courier Management and Material Gate Passes. This complete package meets the entire requirements of visitor, courier and material modules. This package delivers the complete customised reports for every module.

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  • Secure with Password
  • Preparation of Masters Data
  • A solution to provide secure, speedy and optimized end-to-end information of the Visitor (with a feature of a Photo ID and Signature)
  • Dropdown lists for easily selecting Visitor Type, Purpose of Visitor, Department, etc., from previous entries in Master Data
  • Standard pass printed with Company Name and Visitor Details , after successful check-in
  • Courier In/Out entries, POD updations
  • Received Courier Acknowledgements from employees
  • Create Returnable and Nonreturnable material gate passes, Partial gate pass receivables
  • Provide customized Queries/Reports as per client requirement